“To come together as equals to make better decisions, become better leaders and achieve better performance, building strong relationships through dialogue, learning and enjoyment that enables us ALL to thrive and achieve our full potential

Dorcas Crawford – Senior Partner at Edwards & Co Solicitors

Joining the Alchemists Forum is one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. The support from peers, particularly through the recent pressures of the Pandemic, has been a lifeline!

Louise McCabe – CFO SELAZAR & MD & Owner @ Angel Accounting Limited.

I’ll be honest, I felt I would be “the poor relation” in terms of knowledge/experience/ability to contribute as everyone else I thought was running big mega proper businesses and were all very important people.

I learnt very quickly that I was equal in the room and had no reason to worry. The welcoming atmosphere was amazing and it allowed me to rebuild lost confidence that I’d kept hidden from the outside world.

 “Probably the most influential days in my 30 plus year professional career”

Thought provoking day …..made me uncomfortable at times ….but in a good way which has helped me gain clarity in my own mind about a problem which has literally wasted my time and energy for far too long….. Thanks Dorcas and Alan ……. and my fellow members ……yes its a bind to find time each month and you always worry about the financial commitment ……but for yet another month the investment has been invaluable. Its such a safe environment which allows you to explore issues and reach a solution yourself with clarity and conviction.

Patrick McAliskey – CEO –  Novosco

“The group offered a great network of people and drew the best figures in the world as speakers, offering opportunities to pick up ideas and discuss issues confidentially. It really was like having ‘the board you could never afford’ right at your fingertips.
“Membership of the ALCHEMISTS has been very valuable and advice from the group stays with me to this day. It helped me to be more confident in my approach as before I would have delayed decision-making. Now I am much more instinctive and have the self-assuredness to make decisions, whether they are right or not – at least I can’t be wrong due to hesitancy.

Paul Stewart – Founder & CEO – MYBAGGAGE

Being a founder, CEO, It can be lonely at the top, this group allows you to share and learn in a safe environment.

Paul Black – CEO & Owner – ALPHA Group

The ALCHEMISTS has helped me to introduce new working practices into my working week that I doubt I could have had I not joined. Also, the knowledge that future problems and issues yet to be seen could be shared easily within the group is a nice form of insurance policy.

Niall McKeown – CEO – IONOLOGY

“Alan I am travelling on business in Thailand, Saudi, Malaysia & Singapore for the next few weeks as our business grows. I think the value the ALCHEMISTS offer is in connecting with a wide network of CEOs, self-improvement and becoming a WORLD CLASS LEADER.” 

Gwynneth Cockcroft – CEODCPPR Belfast

I haven’t spent money on training for myself in more years than I can remember and was deeply sceptical of the idea of coaching that wouldn’t even result in a proper qualification!  However, in the short time that I have been with ALCHEMISTS I have found it inspiring and invigorating.  I have learned things which have been useful not only to me personally but to my business.  I have found the aspect of being able to approach specific business issues as an experienced, objective “team” really useful and supportive.  The sessions are enlightening and genuinely enjoyable and I think we all look forward to them.

Steven Allen – Rubber & Plastics

Alan, I just wanted to express my thanks for an extremely educational and enjoyable meeting of the ALCHEMISTS, again very well facilitated by yourself. The speaker, David Thomas, really hit home for me. His techniques for speed reading and enhancing memory skills was quite a revelation. I increasingly find that with more and more information to be absorbed and later recalled, my capacity to read things quickly and then rely upon my memory, is sorely tested. When I put David’s techniques into practice there was a huge and immediate improvement. This is something I am going to try out with others in our Company who I know could benefit from improvements in these areas.

Yet again the afternoon session, when we were all given the opportunity to share our concerns about our businesses, was very informative and you can see the group really gelling well. It’s comforting to know that you aren’t alone and that “The Personal Board” is there to probe and tease out the real issues and then offer impartial advice.

What ALCHEMISTS offers is, I believe, quite unique and long overdue and I’m looking forward to our next sessions together.

Gavin Higgins CEO H3 Insurance  

I gained an invaluable benefit from my involvement as it delivered great benefits to our business.