Your Personal Board


“To come together as equals to make better decisions, become better leaders and achieve better performance, building strong relationships through dialogue, learning and enjoyment that enables us ALL to thrive and achieve our full potential”


Do you have a personal board of directors? I don’t mean a traditional corporate board or NED’s who have to have specific fiduciary and corporate governance duties for the company nor a board of business advisors.

All leaders should have WISDOM of a Trusted Personal Board Of Directors. These are the mentors, coaches, sponsors, your confidants, the trusted people you can turn to for advice, guidence. People who will listen so that you can hear yourself talk it through to solution. They give the kind of wisdom and advice your significant other, your board, your social friends, your parents, your consultants just can’t give you.

They are YOUR personal board of directors composed of people you have grown to deeply respect and would not want to let down. Whilst they may be strong in their views, they are non-judgmental and compassionate. The best personal board members ask questions, draw analogies, make dispassionate observations, give focused feedback, help you attain self-knowledge and ultimately help you make better decisions.

They will be like your modern tribal elders that you turn to for wisdom and guidance at times of business challenge, ethical dilemma, life transitions, and difficult choices. They will also expect you to be that for them. Respect for your personal board counts more than intimacy.

YOUR personal board is like a mirror: “The question is, what vision do you aspire to? If you really look in the mirror, what kind of person do you want to be?” The WHO and WHY? your IDENTITY

A problem shared is a problem halved! Rather than have sleepless nights mulling over your challenges, share them with your peer group who can see the wood for the trees. They can help you get to the real issue – often more fundamental than you can see being so close to it.

They will ask you questions and come from a whole range of different views and experiences you may not have considered. This will enable you to see your challenge more clearly and understand it more fundamentally. Your peers then share with you their wisdom, perspectives, observations and advice and you get to choose what you would like to do. The best bit is that the decisions you make and commit to will be held to account; they will ask you what happened and what progress was made when they see you the following month.

All this is at the core and in the DNA of the ALCHEMISTS .

Its built that way – TOGETHER AS EQUALS