Membership Criteria


What sort of members are we looking for?

  • Commitment to Performance
    • Those who believe that holding a BUSINESS OWNER, CEO, MD or Leader title is the end of the journey should probably not participate. However, as a member, if you believe and value continuous learning and are willing to invest in your ongoing professional development and performance then this is the place for you.
  • Humility
    • Peer group members demonstrate a willingness to share their personal and business triumphs – and, as importantly – their failures. Hard-won experience (good and bad) is what provides depth and meaning for leaders of substance.
  • Self-Awareness
    • In addition to improving organisational performance, successful members aim to increase levels of satisfaction and performance in their own work as well as that of their employees, their customers and investors.
  • Willing to Make Time
    • Consistent participation is often an important ingredient in bonding peers and building the trust required to discuss key issues. All CEOs are busy, and members in any group will view participation as a priority. This is TIME well spent WORKING ON the business and yourself rather than IN it.
  • Business Owner’s of Privately Held Businesses, CEO’s & MD’s
  • You will be a bit of a maverick
  • You will be highly motivated
  • You will actively seek to grow from “GOOD TO GREATER”
  • You will be ambitious and hungry to learn
  • You will welcome challenge, being challenged and challenging others
  • You will be interested in peak performance to grow your business, your people and yourself.
  • You will a natural leader within your compan
  • You will be committed to members and yourself by attending each month
  • You will be just different
  • You will be coachable
  • You will honour confidential information
  • You will add value to members
  • You will fit with the confidential peer group culture
  • Your business activity should not be competing nor in conflict with existing members.

No professional services – Except if it is the full time Business Owner, CEO, MD, Owner.

We exclude consultants, professional investors, life coaches and sole traders to ensure an environment of sharing & learning, rather than selling

If you feel you meet these you would be very welcome to experience a Forum for yourself. That’s a great platform from which you can decide whether you’d like to join us. Members will use these criteria in voting on whether to invite you to do so. This is how we maintain the quality of our offering.

To discuss membership contact Alan Branagh.