GUIDING PRINCIPLES – These WISDOMS underpin  membership

  • To set aside time to work on yourself and your business.
  • To take time out to practice and test before performing in the real world.
  • To be committed to continuous improvement in both your personal and business performance
  • To strengthen your power of self-belief and the belief you can accomplish what you set out to do.
  • To encourage you to rely on your inner resources that are seldom tapped, to use intuition and the ability to improvise and innovate in the face of uncertainty and ambiguity.
  • To build a deep trust and respect among the group to help each other get beyond the devaluing prejudices we all may hold.
  • To build a secure base and true teamwork and help you experience what high performance & deep alignment feels like.
  • To foster an experience of how through relationships a group of leaders from many different sectors can coalesce around an issue of shared concern and move to successful resolution
  • To learn from the entire experience how to be flexible and adapt quickly to change and embrace new environments.
  • Commitment to Performance
    • Those who believe that holding a BUSINESS OWNER, CEO, MD or Leader title is the end of the journey should probably not participate. However, as a member, if you believe and value continuous learning and are willing to invest in your ongoing professional development and performance then this is the place for you.
  • Humility
    • Peer group members demonstrate a willingness to share their personal and business triumphs – and, as importantly – their failures. Hard-won experience (good and bad) is what provides depth and meaning for leaders of substance.
  • Self-Awareness
    • In addition to improving organisational performance, successful members aim to increase levels of satisfaction and performance in their own work as well as that of their employees, their customers and investors.
  • Willing to Make Time
    • Consistent participation is often an important ingredient in bonding peers and building the trust required to discuss key issues. All CEOs are busy, and members in any group will view participation as a priority. This is TIME well spent WORKING ON the business and yourself rather than IN it.

Additional Characteristics of members :-

  1. Inspire Leaders to Lead
  2. Leaders as Coaches
  3. Invest in Relationships
  4. Secure Base Leadership
  5. Think Differently
  6. Be Coachable
  7. Build Great Businesses through wisdom
  8. Explore Inner & Outer Games & FLOW
  9. Inner reflection & personal growth
  10. Non-Judgemental, Non Directional Culture
  11. Ethnicity, Race, Creed, Colour, Orientation, Age & Gender Neutral
  12. Dialogue, Debate & Collaboration
  13. Question, Explore, Decide = QED
  14. Be held accountable by your Peers for your decisions
  15. Building trust & networks among diverse leaders
  16. Engage leaders to be catalysts & strengthening capacities for positive change
  17. Exploring the interconnectedness of communities & cultures & enriching lives
  18. Understanding & empowering self & others
  19. Exploring, understanding, & value culture & diversity
  20. Inspiring leaders to a lifetime of active public engagement & service to the common good of people

“The Promise”

To come together as equals to make better decisions, become better leaders and gain better performance, building strong relationships through dialogue, learning and enjoyment that enables us ALL to thrive and achieve our full potential.